What stories do you tell yourself about yourself?

Published: April 20th, 2017

To stay energetic, creative and proactive, it is important to gain awareness of the stories you tell yourself about yourself. Take note of the words you use in this inner dialog because words are tools that shape your reality and frame your perception.

Communication is most commonly thought of as dialog with others, however, equally important is to be aware of the dialog we have with ourselves. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves impact our confidence as well as our mental-emotional health.

However, more often than not, these stories are sub-conscious narratives. The Alpha Element platform provides a holistic framework to tap into some of these narratives and thereby create awareness of proactive and reactive patterns of communication in your relationship to yourself – which influence all your relationships at home and at work.

The Alpha Element platform for self-coaching includes an online self-assessment, workbook, scenarios and activities that provide opportunities to explore the energy patterns and communication styles of the four Alpha Element Vitality Types: Catalyst, Torchbearer, Pathfinder and Pragmatist.

Connect With Your Vitality And Start Thriving! Self-Coach workbook leads you through this interactive process, you get to explore what Vitality Type resonates with you and how the stories you tell yourself about yourself impacts your engagement with others. This exploration generates a new awareness of the energy you create through your inner dialog as well as in your communication with others. The opportunity is to generate a desired shift by gaining clarity along with renewed perspective on yourself and the energy and vitality you bring to the table. Why not connect with your vitality and start thriving?

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