Explore your patterns in communication

Expand Your Potential

Shift gears: open up to new possibilities
Go deeper: communication and styles of engagement
Increaseself-awareness and manage stress
Enhancecommunication skills 
creative leadership skills


Tap into your hidden resources
Leverage stressful situations
Manage difficult relationships
Enhance communication


Your mind, emotion, instinct and intuition interact with the environment like a mind/body social antenna.  You may be surprised to find out what Vitality Type patterns you communicate. Awareness of your ISQ scores provides you with new self-knowledge about how you engage with the world around you. This information facilitates self-discovery, self-leadership and collaboration.

Alpha Element® self-assessment scores

Your highest score indicates the VITALITY TYPE™ pattern you are most inclined to lean on in your interactions with others. Catalyst and Torchbearer Vitality Types represent interactive patterns that are principally action oriented, while the Pathfinder and Pragmatist Vitality Types characteristically have interactive patterns that are more low key and process oriented.


By reading about the positive attributes and negative shadow aspects of all four Vitality Types you gain awareness  of other patterns you might subconsciously communicate in your interactions.

Most people have one or two VITALITY TYPE™ patterns that highly influence their interactions with others.  One interactive pattern may be obvious and clearly dominant and others are more subtle.  Hence, your second and third highest scores reflect less dominant tendencies.

While everyone has all four Vitality Types as part of their inner energy resources, there is usually one that is less dominant as part of this self-assessment.