Tune in and tune out: Tackling stress by learning how to listen differently

Published: July 29th, 2018

Not surprisingly, researchers are finding that those who report still having negative feelings about a stressful event the day after it happened have more chronic health problems a decade later. However, letting go of stressors and frustration is easier said than done.

You may have good reasons to be very upset after a stressful event at home or at work. However, as the study reported by Harvard Medical School points out, if you don’t acquire some “quick-release” coping skills, you might pay a very high price in the long run.

It is vital for your mental and physical health to learn some simple and creative strategies to let go. In addition to exercise, yoga and meditation, you can decide to listen differently. Using the Alpha Element Vitality Types as a range of social antennas, you can practice listening differently to others as well as to reframe your own internal dialog – the story you are telling yourself about the stressful event, about the other person or about yourself.

Thoughts have energy and set intention. By the same token, what you resist persists. Festering is a type of negative payoff – it gives us a reason to be crabby or withdraw. Yet, anger needs to be channeled and expressed. So, if you are unable to express yourself in stressful situations, you can shift your emotions by reframing the stressor.

For a long period of time Tanya had endured listening to an angry co-worker’s ongoing rants. She realized that she could not change his behavior; however she could change her reaction to his behavior. This decision helped Tanya proactively apply the introspective approach of Pathfinder Vitality and make an internal shift that helped her let go of the stressor. While her response may seem passive, by shifting her focus proactively away from the disturbed coworker, she no-longer felt trapped.

An outcome of Alpha Element training is learning to apply the Vitality Types as strategies for listening to overcome barriers and resolve inner conflict. Applying this framework to listening and release stress and tension can prevent our negative inner ruminations to hijack our attention and cause havoc on our health.

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