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Know your competitive edge.
Through Alpha Element® training you learn tools and techniques to proactively leverage stressful situations, manage relationships and enhance communication.

Proactive people have a significant competitive advantage: They are flexible, adaptable and focused on improving their relationships, their productivity as well as workplace environments.

Reactive people struggle to maximize their potential because a reactive state is a volatile state where people don’t feel influential, creative or actively engaged.

A New View & A New Way

Go deeper into your communication and interactive style.
Learning about the Alpha Element® Vitality Types increases self-awareness about key behaviors and how they impact interaction with others. The main insight: how to make better use of your dominant Vitality Type characteristics and at the same time learning to use your non-dominant Vitality Types to address situations that might have been particularly challenging in the past. Better yet, the detailed self-coaching available in Connect With Your Vitality Self-Coach Workbook supports the difficult task of changing old habits, providing effective but simple tools to do so. The combination of insights is actionable, easy to implement and extremely valuable. Highly recommended!
– Roberto Evaristo, Ph.D., Outthink LLC


Overcome personal barriers.
Through Alpha Element® training a range of soft skills and leadership competencies are developed. Our training focuses on how awareness of interactive communication styles impact presence and collaboration. Focus is on self-awareness, interactive styles, proactive behaviors and engagement, and how these lead to higher productivity through improved interpersonal understanding, confidence and team efficacy.


Inspire trust, connection and growth.
Investing in your leaders’ self-development enhances organizations’ employer brand as a great place to work in the minds of current employees as well as key stake-holders in the external market. Self-aware leaders will foster the development of healthy organizations that are ready for the future. The Alpha Element® Self-leadership program can be considered a strategic tool that contributes to engagement, talent attraction and retention.

team development

Foster coherence and collaboration.
The Alpha Element® team development process facilitates authentic interaction and dialogue by providing a shared learning experience where participants get to create an understanding of differences by using a common language. The Alpha Element® language offers a neutral and intuitive way to view oneself and others.  As the group explores the attributes and distinctions of each Alpha Element® Vitality Type, a new appreciation of differences emerges. This emergent awareness of the group as an organic whole provides space to explore team dynamics in a new light.