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FEEL less disjointed and

ACT less reactive and


Self-leaders are proactive and adaptive; they take control and make things happen. Alpha Element® Assessments and training programs help you become a self-leader. By connecting with your vitality you rediscover your inner resources and natural gifts. Connect With Your Vitality And Start Thriving! is a self-coach workbook. Through stories and activities you will learn self-coach strategies that will ultimately lead you to master the art of self-leadership. Self-leadership is essential to building team resilience because the style and level of engagement of one team member influences all the others on the team, ultimately impacting productivity and results.

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When there is a gap in leaders’ awareness of how their communication style impacts interactions with others, this gap weakens their efficacy. The Alpha Element® Assessment and training process fosters self-awareness, leadership and collaboration skills as well as team cohesion. The objective of the Alpha Element® Leadership training is to learn about one’s own interactive communication style as well as other’s. According to the Alpha Element® Model each VITALITY TYPE™ pattern represents a distinct style of leadership:

Catalysts aim to inspire and share their vision
Torchbearers aim to galvanize and take action
Pathfinders aim to support and generate collaboration
Pragmatists aim to organize and provide structure

Leaders need the ability to navigate all four approaches, however, one is their primary style. As a result of implementing the Alpha Element® program you and your leadership team gain a new awareness of how your interactive styles impact collaboration. Integrated and practiced, this awareness fosters enhanced relationships resulting in improved communications, organizational health and coherence.

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Contact us to schedule a workshop to discover how the neutral language of the VITALITY TYPE™ patterns can benefit relationships and communication in teams.

CEU training for mental health professionals and nurses

Alpha Element® platform tools facilitate communication and behavior change. Join us for this experiential event to learn more about yourself and gain a new perspective to help your clients and patients.