Vitality Type Patterns

Vitality is the energy in engagement

The four Alpha Element® Vitality Types™ each represents a distinct pattern of engagement and communication style. Below is an overview of attributes as well as shadow aspects associated with each of the Vitality Types.

Use your scores from any of the Alpha Element® self-assessments to become more aware of the vitality you bring into your engagement and communication with others. Learn to apply the Alpha Element® language to self-coach or to cultivate communication and collaboration in teams.

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Catalyst Interactive Style:
Spark & Inspiration

Proactive Catalyst Engagement: The engagement of Catalyst Vitality is open, vivacious, flexible and non-linear. People who lead with Catalyst interactive communication style tend to be inventive, unpredictable, upbeat and fun to be with. Their disposition is generally extroverted, animated and bursting with ideas. Catalyst Vitality is like a spark and what it seeks is to discover new possibilities and to create excitement.

Catalyst Shadow Aspects: Potential negative and reactive aspects associated with Catalyst interactive style include erratic behavior, self-indulgence as well as unpredictable, impulsive actions that leave others feeling disconnected.

Torchbearer Interactive Style:
Velocity & Transformation

Proactive Torchbearer Engagement: The engagement of Torchbearer Vitality is typically passionate and dramatic, independent, direct and on a mission. Fueled by their strong opinions, people who lead with Torchbearer interactive communication style are motivated by seeing results. The proactive engagement of Torchbearer Vitality is about generating transformation and having an impact.

Torchbearer Shadow Aspects: Potential negative and reactive aspects associated with Torchbearer interactive style include behavior that can be restless and belligerent, careless and thoughtless. Hence, this interactive style can be overwhelming and intimidating to others.

Pathfinder Interactive Style:
Process & Growth

Proactive Pathfinder Engagement: The engagement of Pathfinder Vitality is low-key but persistent. People who lead with proactive Pathfinder interactive communication style are process-oriented and thrive on connecting the dots with a zeal for substance and meaning. The proactive engagement of Pathfinder Vitality is to have a calming effect on their environment.

Pathfinder Shadow Aspects: Potential negative and reactive aspects associated with Pathfinder interactive style are avoidance and feelings of being overwhelmed. This can lead to lack of engagement and disconnection from others.

Pragmatist Interactive Style:
Precision & Structure

Proactive Pragmatist Engagement: The engagement of Pragmatist Vitality is composed, reliable and tenacious. People who lead with proactive Pragmatist interactive style are resolute and to the point. They provide stability and structure and are often more engaged than they can come across.

Pragmatist Shadow Aspects: Potential negative and reactive aspects associated with Pragmatist interactive style include rigidity and judgement along with harshness and a hyper-critical demeanor. This can lead to intimidation, stagnation of collaboration as well as non-constructive dialog.

Neutral Language

The language of the Vitality Types is non-judgmental in its description of both attributes as well as the negative shadow aspects. This language is especially useful to navigate times of tension, stress and conflict. While your highest scoring Vitality Type probably represents the comfort zone of your interactive style, your other Alpha Element® self-assessment scores provide you with information about how you can dynamically increase the range of how you connect and communicate with others. Contact us.