Self-Paced Online Program

Transform your life with the Alpha Element 5 Step Plan. This is a self paced online program that provides bite-sized lessons so you can go at your own pace. This is a simple, yet effective approach to transforming your life and achieving the positive changes you desire. Whether your goal is to create healthy habits, learn to set boundaries, or change unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, the program provides practical action steps that lead to real-world results, one step at the time.

By making positive shifts toward health, wellbeing and overcoming roadblocks in your life, you take back your power: a more hopeful and empowered way of living!

Capitalize On Your Hidden Resources

In order to make a difference in the business world and in life, we cannot accept status quo. To make a real impact, it is not enough to develop our strengths. In Alpha Element® training you will discover how to leverage your Hidden Rresource and cultivate attributes that can help you excel in new ways.


Our interprofessional workshops generate new self-awareness and enhanced understanding of communication as a bridge to proactive behavior, resilience and well-being. Contact us for information about professional development and continuing education for nurses and clinical mental health providers.

Words are tools that shape our reality and frame our perception. Health and well-being are enhanced by the ability to communicate effectively.
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Alpha Element Self-Coach Workbook

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