An individual brings energy into the world through their personal presence and interactions with others. The Alpha Element® method is built on the concept of vitality as the energy felt and expressed by human beings through their personality and engagement with the environment. The concept of vitality is represented as a dynamic range of  attributes in four VITALITY TYPE™ pattern: Catalyst, Torchbearer, Pathfinder, Pragmatist. In Alpha Element® training, the VITALITY TYPE™ patterns are applied as lenses to provide a holistic framework for recognizing reactive and proactive patterns in communication.

Alpha Element Model: Four Levels of Awareness

The Alpha Element® Model is a conceptual framework of four levels of awareness in human development.

Online self-assessments

Online Alpha Element® tools offer individuals opportunities to explore how each VITALITY TYPE™ pattern is expressed in their presence, communication style and engagement with others.

Holistic Approach

The Alpha Element model is a conceptual framework that inspires holistic awareness of self and others. The four VITALITY TYPE™ patterns represent a holistic range of attributes needed in self-management and interpersonal communication. By cultivating a holistic mindset, individuals can foster optimal well-being, positive engagement and achievement.


Self-leadership is a self-management strategy that involves learning how to maintain one’s own energy, vitality and overall performance. The Alpha Element curriculum teaches a holistic method of self-leadership by applying the four VITALITY TYPE™ patterns as lenses for self-coaching in order to: 

  • Disrupt barriers in communication
  • Discover hidden resources in self and others
  • Reframe negative communication patterns

Communication & Health

The focus of Alpha Element interactive training, self-study and coaching is to enhance teamwork as well as individual achievement and well-being through a new awareness of patterns in interpersonal communication. Research documents the impact of relationship with self and others on the immune system, healing and teamwork.

Positive and constructive communication benefits health by:

  • Affecting the mind-body connection 
  • Shifting focus from pathology to vitality
  • Healing burn-out in relationships

Alpha Element communication strategies lead to proactive behavior, resilience and well-being.