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Discover four different interactive styles that impact how you talk, listen and respond.
Alpha Element Institute provides a platform for self-development, leadership training, stress management and team building. Alpha Element® programs inspire self-leadership, wellness and increased productivity in life and work.

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Alpha Element Self-Paced Program
Online Self-Assessments
Leadership Training Customized to Your Organization


We have published two articles about our training – one is a case study about how one individual benefited from Alpha Element® self-coaching and the other one is an example of how the training and coaching benefits communication and collaboration in teams.


Through a neutral language of four VITALITY TYPE™ patterns, established through the VITALITY TYPE™ assessment instruments, the Alpha Element® Platform provides creative tools that stimulate a new and meaningful dialog about how differences in communication styles impact relationships, collaboration and performance.

The Alpha Element® platform provides an engaging framework for making new connections with self and others. The interactive training, self-study, workshops and individual coaching leads to opportunities to build clarity and trust.

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