The envelope, please: What makes a high performance innovation team?

Published: March 17th, 2017

The answer is – a great challenge, great people, great freedom and great support. That is a good start. For a great start, in order to be truly innovative, diversity is key – diversity of age, gender and professional backgrounds as well as culture, race and ethnicity.

However, differences create tension once the polite veneer is stripped off by the daily grind. How to achieve the right balance of tension and creative flow? If passion is the heart of a great team, communication is its nervous system. For any organism and any organization to thrive, communication must flow freely. That means not shying away from conflict but dive into it with courage to look at it with an open mind. Focus on common interests rather than old patterns and ingrained positions.

Leaders who want to farm the field of innovation in their organizations must proactively cultivate differences, foster openness and encourage constructive tension.  None of it can be done without leaders who dare to be different and openly demonstrate vulnerability.

From an interpersonal development perspective, the foundation for being an effective team member is deep self-awareness and effective interpersonal communication skills.  As founders of Alpha Element Institute, we are excited to share our research and perspective on the important discussion on high performance innovation teams in healthcare taking place next month at the Interprofessional Education Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Here are some of the highlights of our research:

  • Vitality Type™ Indicators generate new awareness of one’s personal presence and differences in interactive communication styles.
  • Alpha Element language and curriculum provide tools and techniques for self-coaching fostering resilience and resourcefulness.
  • The Alpha Element model is a conceptual framework that inspires holistic awareness of self and others.
  • Concepts of energy and vitality provide innovative and valuable perspectives on leadership and team development.

Join us at the conference:

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