Connect with your Vitality Self-Coach Workbook

Published: May 5th, 2016

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Connect with your Vitality Self-Coach Workbook


Life is an experience and not a problem to be solved.  However, all too often, life gets stressful with a constant flow of problems that need to be addressed. Sometimes it leaves us exhausted and tapped of energy and creativity – how to come up for air? It can be a real challenge to keep our bearings and stay the course while also being authentically engaged and feeling passionate and alive.  How can you connect with your vitality and tap into the whole range of life-affirming resources that you have innately?

Connect with your Vitality is a practical self-coaching curriculum filled with simple tools and techniques to help you sort things out, regain your vitality and be proactive instead of reactive in life and work.  We start you off with the ISQ – one of our self-assessment questionnaires.  In the feedback report you receive, we have organized your answers according to the four different Vitality Types.  Subsequently you can use the content of this self-coach workbook as navigational tools you can apply to connect with your own brand of vitality and start thriving!

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