The Power of P A U S E.

Published: February 3rd, 2017

Words have energy and set intention. It is easy to forget the power of words today. Daily we are surrounded by loud and aggressive banter arriving at the doorstep of our hearts and minds from an increasing amount of social media channels. How do we not get numb? How can we stay alert and authentically engaged? Amidst the noise, there is essential information to be unearthed.

More often than not, the most important information can be uncovered in the silence after words are spoken. So here is your challenge: if the speaker of the words does not pause, it is up to you. You select one word or sentence from the many that were spoken, repeat it out loud or just internally to yourself and then you pause. You might object: “That’s selective listening!” Wake up: We are all selective listeners. So at least be aware of it and let it serve a purpose.

In your pause, you reflect. Then you reflect some more or you ask for clarification. Our world today requires that we become careful consumers of information. Not by shying away from difficult conversations or from what we don’t want to hear, but by listening more carefully and pausing before reacting or moving on. Words have energy and set intention. Pausing helps your mind and emotions process and crystallize the information. Pausing is powerful.  After a pause, your words pack more punch. So does your voice.

Next week’s topic: The ‘e’ in engagement

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